Jul 25, 2017

Slow Computer Getting You Down?

There are several items that can slow down your system, from too many temporary Internet files, or too many programs loading at startup. Many of these issues are a fairly simple fix, clean and tune your system, make sure your system has enough memory (RAM), are other users logged in? Maybe you have more than one security/anti-virus product running.


The good news is that often DeBug can resolve these issues with a basic service call - $95 an hour for onsite service. Or you can drop it off at one of our DeBug locations, (especially if it’s a bit more complex) and we can keep that labor down to as close to the one hour as possible.  (If you’re 55+, take advantage of our Wednesday Senior drop off discount of $20 off!)


DeBug is well aware of our clients’ frustrations with computer and Internet speed issues, and take pride in restoring system speed and performance, at a cost much more affordable than the big guys, who may entice you in with a low price, just to increase the fee based on number of infections and diagnostics fees.  Our rates are all inclusive, we disclose up front what we see the issue is and the cost to resolve.


Call us at 775-883-3630 or email us at info@debugcomputer.net to receive honest, friendly advice for all your technology needs!


We’ve been servicing northern Nevada for nearly 20 years, and have been voted best of year after year! We appreciate our community and your support.


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