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We've been serving northern Nevada in Carson City, Reno and Minden for almost 15 years and have experience with a wide range of software and hardware products and services. Voted one of the best in Reader's Choice for Computer Repair and Service for the last 11 years in a row in Carson and also voted #1 in Minden for nine years in a row in our three years of business. DeBug Computer is a family owned and operated business. Schedule an on-site appointment today, or bring your computer to one of our two drop off locations in Carson, 591 S. Saliman #2, Carson City or in Minden at 1560 Highway 395 #C. 


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Technology Tips

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July 31, 2014

When considering the security of a network, a series of network policies ensuring those with the proper authority are given proper access is a good place to start. However, knowing which avenues attackers will use is half the battle. Knowing all possible access vectors allows companies to apply resources towards sealing those pathways.  A new method of circumventing all normal preventative measures has surfaced and it uses something very few have considered when securing networks. It isn’t through the standard physical or network access. This new attack vector uses the air you breathe.  They achieve this feat by using sound as a communication medium.  The idea of using sound to transmit data out of a network makes almost all conventional security protocols useless....

June 12, 2014

Tired of a rat's nest of cables connecting this device and that device? Your troubles may soon be over with the USB Implementer Forum (USB-IF) currently working on a new standard. The USB-IF organization maintains the specifications used to create USB compatible devices. The new standard is a wireless USB spec that will operate over standard and non-standard WiFi frequencies. This specification has the potential to operate at multi-Gbs speeds....


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What's New at DeBug?

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December 16, 2014

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by. It doesn’t seem that long ago I left my job working for the State of Nevada as an IT manager and started DeBug Computer Consulting from a spare room in our house. It was a gamble, but we saw a real need for honest, fair computer support for both individuals and businesses in Northern Nevada.  

November 18, 2014
Santa is on his way, and he will be visiting DeBug for the second year in a row!

October 30, 2014

To celebrate Nevada's 150th birthday, DeBug Computer, Inc. would like to give you a special offer!